Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marty Makes - Final touches to guest bathroom

Well, it took a few weeks, but it is finally finished. My wonderful husband spend many hours replacing the faucet and making it just what I wanted. I'll do a couple other things here and there, but I think it came out cute!

 Before - big mirror, backwards sink, and light brown everything.
 Light brown cabinet before staining.

 During - Husband had out all the tools and was happy to help!

After - Dark stained cabinet, new faucet with matching accessories, new outlet covers, new small mirror, freshly painted mellow yellow frames to add a little summin summin! :)

So glad we finished this together! Now on to the next project!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marty Makes - A new dining room

Before I started the new dining room, all I had was my 6 year old dining set I bought from JC Penney's for $199! I loved it and it served its purpose, but I wanted something new, of course. BTW...I gave away the dining set to someone who loves it.

Anywho, below is the almost complete dining room. I painted the walls Mountain Haze, bought a new rug from, new light fixtures, frames, and of course my giant table! I love the bench and it has already gotten plenty of customers. It also expands to fit eight people, which will be great for more parties. I can't wait to find the perfect accessories for the other walls.

My happy little table. :)

Nice family style table! ...darn you can't see the sage-ish color in this pic. It looks happy in person. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marty Makes - Decorations for Big Cat's Graduation

My sister, Tisha Rae (aka Big Cat), graduated last week with her MBA. (WUHU) So of course she wanted to throw a bash to celebrate. And of course, I was in charge of decorations. I asked her what her theme was and she busted out with ....zebra! lol. I searched all party stores and decided not to spend $5 for 12 napkins in zebra print. So I took all my vases I had in the cupboard and covered them with zebra print wrapping paper...all for $3.99. I think they came out pretty cute along with the purple flowers and tablecloths.

Short vases covered with zebra wrapping paper filled with costco flowers. I did all six tables for $39. (Two costco bouquets at $13, 6 plastic tablecloths at $1.50,  6 vases (free) wrapped with the $4 paper)

Big Cat and MOTH with her zebra cake! Congrats BC! A me!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marty Makes - A new guest bathroom

As I was walking down the aisles of Target at 10pm on a Friday night with my husband I came across a pretty patterned shower curtain. This one find easily turned my Target visit from $30 to $100...typical. I came home and put up my new curtain and towels. Then realized maybe I should restain this cabinet, and change the towel racks, oh, and paint color! Small task right? I easily made my Home Depot shopping list and got to work. Here is the before and after pictures. Still a work in progress, but I like it.

Here are a couple of before pictures.

 So in need of my Marty touch!

I stained this to a dark brown. Wait until you see it. It came out really nice!